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Thursday, 19 February 2015


There's nowt like encouraging books, and Sally Clarkson always encourages me, even though I don't always think I need any encouragement. One of her recent quotes struck home to me:
''We do not always need what we think we do in order to be happy; rather, God's ways lead to contentment.''
This is so true. Over the years I have realised this truth. So many of us, especially in times of discouragement will ask why, and why theirs/our circumstances are so different. If only we had what others seem to have. Whatever that happens to be. Children, house, situation, location, material things......etc, the list goes on. Maybe even, Oh, if only I was as patient as such and such, or as happy go lucky.
The thing is, as in the last post, I mentioned faith, and trust in God, and that He forces us to exercise our spiritual muscles in order to grow. Every one of us has different needs, strengths, weaknesses, so what God does for us, will not look like the way He deals with our best friend, Christian neighbour, whoever. God didn't design us all the same, as we are meant to compliment each other, as a body of believers, not only in the church visible, but the church invisible.
The only way we are going to be content in this life is to passionately seek the Lord and his will for OUR lives, and to follow it, while seeking the Lord in prayer as often as possible, reading and studying his word. Remembering the only one who we please is God. Yes, others will sometimes try to discourage us, even when we are following the Lord. We need to bear this in mind with how we treat others, as yes, it is right to admonish at times, but often people will admonish in criticism, and not Biblically, and constructive. Also, our ''giants'' are nothing to God, and sometimes they are from the devil to discourage us. Being a realist, it is amazingly easy for me to succumb to this!
Yes, I would recommend Sally's latest book, ''own your Own Life.'' I downloaded for Kindle. I am currently around half way through it.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Trusting God

Why is it so hard sometimes to trust in the Lord, to not lean on our own understanding, and to not worry about things which may, or may not happen?
I think also, that some areas are easier than others. People will probably differ on which area they find easier.
However, if we really want to loose unnecessary burdens, we need to trust him in every area of our lives.
I am reading, 'The Christian in complete Armour,' again, by William Gurnall. I had the book given to me by my husband on our second Christmas together, our first as three, as our first daughter was only a few months old. Never managed to read it all the way through, so starting again. At the beginning he gives some very helpful, and very chewy insights on trusting God. Here are some of the gleanings:

The most important, is that we are regenerated, that is true believers, as he quotes, ''The state of unregeneracy is a state of impotency.''
What does it mean to be strong in the Lord, and trusting in him?
1) A settled, firm persuasion that the Lord is almighty in power.
2) That the almighty power of God is engaged to bear up in trials, and temptations undauntedly. Leaning on the arm of God as if it were our strength.
How can we strengthen ourselves in faith? By reading God's word, praying to Him, really seeking to understand the whole counsel of God. We shouldn't be leaving this to our Pastors, it is every Christian's duty.
Sometimes it can feel that God is afar off. However, Gurnall gives the illustration of a child, who is not yet walking, but the mum encourages him to walk to her, and stands back. He may fall, and stumble, but it is part of the learning process.
Thus, if we are given too much by God, it can tempt us to pride, and God wants us to be dependent on Him, not boastful about what we have supposedly done! Think Peter, he ran into the mouth of temptation, bearing himself up on the confidence of his grace received.

When Satan accuses us, we can say it is God who justifies. When we feel our burdens too heavy, we should run straight to God. ''Rely upon God, and make daily application to the throne of grace for continual supplies of strength.'' When Jacob wrestled, it was considered his strength.
He warns against running to a person, or a thing for encouragement. So true! Even if the person is Godly, we need to seek the Lord, and His counsel first! Do we sometimes try to find comfort in things? It is so easy to do that, and just what the devil intends us to do!
''Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.'' Eph 6:11
The armour is Christ, and to be without Christ, is to be without armour. Are we being fooled by the world's promise of protection?
I strongly recommend reading the book yourself. It is encouraging, but very meaty, so you can't read a lot in one go.