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Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Large Family and Whooping Cough

As there seems to be so much whooping cough going around D,I thought I would post, in the event it might help, as when ours had it I had little info at all. Also, no internet!
When I was seven months pregnant with our eight child all of the children and I came down with it. It had started in our eldest, who was developing a very bad cough after what seemed to have been a rather dragged out cold. When she lost consciousness briefly after coughing, and complaining she couldn't breathe we became quite concerned. It was my mum who first suggested whooping cough. It starts after a two week incubation and the only symptoms for first couple weeks are like a cold. Runny nose, etc, and general malaise. After the second week a cough had appeared, which got gradually worse. I found it would make them sick afterwards, and was particularly bad in the night, so it helps to elevate their bed.
We tried incubation, but a week later it clearly hadn't worked. Apparently this is one of the most contagious illnesses. We found cold air, and exertion outside exasperated the coughing, so had to watch them. At night the nightmare began. I slept with hosanna, who was then around sixteen months, and Tim slept in with all six of the other children. It was important not to leave them alone in the coughing fits. As Hosanna was so young I covered the bed with terrynappies to absorb any vomit as she would often miss the bowl. I can remember being too weak myself, and never able to get out of bed before 4 pm the next day. When the midwife was finally able to call, she found us all in bed!. Exhaustion was an understatement, and don't know what I would have done without my husband helping. It was two months to three months before we were really over the worst, and we still had coughs for six months. We had antibiotics for the last few, the Dr finally convinced after hearing Eli coughing, there was that distinctive whoop after it. The antibiotics helped them get over it, and after a five day course they were no longer contagious.

Now, you may say why didn't we vaccinate, however we caught off those who had been vaccinated, and reflection made me still realise we were right not to. Esp as the vaccine is not always that effective.
What advice? Well, record the cough, because the doctors are useless, and often have no experience of it. Make sure they have a really nutritious diet. No junk. Don't be selfish and infect others. We told our midwife, and she didn't visit. New babies up to a year are very vulnerable. Also don't expect vaccinations to protect. I was vaccinated. I still had it bad, and my stomach felt like it was bursting. Also, if we had known what it was earlier, it would have enabled the treatment quicker. Click on link to view a youtube video of the children's cough.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The New Normal

There was a time when gluttony was actually mentioned as a sin. May seem like hundreds of years ago, now though.
There was a time in school when we weren't allowed to swear, in fact the cane was even in force. Today, you hear even teachers swear.
There was a time when at the mention of God's name in blasphemy there would be gasps of shock. In fact the BBC edited it out of their broadcasts.
There was a time when the churches at large all condemned adultery, and fornication Now, living together is accepted by most, and even many churches.
It seems each time we have breached a new moral code,we have just waxed worse and worse.
The result? Well, a totally mixed up society, and full of even more problems than ever. Never has it been more relevant to discuss what is going on with our children. To teach them what the Bible says. Now, there are many who teach that our good morality, or our philanthropical acts will get us into heaven. However, this is bad news, as it isn't true, and shows a proud face to God. A face that says, I don't need any help thank you, I can manage quite well. We can see clearly that the way we are behaving is creating more and more problems. The bible talks about people in the last days being proud, boasters, and haters of God. Fornications, theft, murders and witchcraft will increase. Sad thing is, this is true, and even sadder that people are embracing it as their ' brave new world.,'
The real answer is look to Christ. The good we do is just filthy. Only he can save us, and it isn't anything good that we have done saves us.we need to teach our children to not follow the multitude to do evil, but look to Christ and live.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Providence Journal

Having recently read Flavel's book on providence it has inspired me to start a providence journal. Basically a record of all those occasions where The Lord has definitely had a hand in events.
I have started from some of my earliest memories, of course ones that influenced me before conversion even. Will take me a while, as it seems there are a lot more than I thought, when it comes to putting pen to paper.
I guess one of my favourites from the early years was the time we only had potatoes for dinner. Just as I was set about cooking them, our neighbour knocked on the door offering chicken legs. She was returning the kindness she said, as her husband had so enjoyed the cockles we had given the previous week,fresh from the sea.It is proving very interesting and encouraging, as it causes me to sit and reflect, which is always a good thing, and actually a very uplifting encouragement. Something to share with our children, too. Memories, precious providential memories to pass on.