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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The New Normal

There was a time when gluttony was actually mentioned as a sin. May seem like hundreds of years ago, now though.
There was a time in school when we weren't allowed to swear, in fact the cane was even in force. Today, you hear even teachers swear.
There was a time when at the mention of God's name in blasphemy there would be gasps of shock. In fact the BBC edited it out of their broadcasts.
There was a time when the churches at large all condemned adultery, and fornication Now, living together is accepted by most, and even many churches.
It seems each time we have breached a new moral code,we have just waxed worse and worse.
The result? Well, a totally mixed up society, and full of even more problems than ever. Never has it been more relevant to discuss what is going on with our children. To teach them what the Bible says. Now, there are many who teach that our good morality, or our philanthropical acts will get us into heaven. However, this is bad news, as it isn't true, and shows a proud face to God. A face that says, I don't need any help thank you, I can manage quite well. We can see clearly that the way we are behaving is creating more and more problems. The bible talks about people in the last days being proud, boasters, and haters of God. Fornications, theft, murders and witchcraft will increase. Sad thing is, this is true, and even sadder that people are embracing it as their ' brave new world.,'
The real answer is look to Christ. The good we do is just filthy. Only he can save us, and it isn't anything good that we have done saves us.we need to teach our children to not follow the multitude to do evil, but look to Christ and live.

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