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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Keeping Fit- Part 2

So,I have mentioned what I am doing for food.Here, I will outline the exercise side. It IS easier for me to fit it in, as I have teens to help. However, I always make priority, and make sure I do 3 times a week at a minimum. Usually 30, or 50 minutes, and sometimes 5 times a week. It usually totals to 2 and a half hours which is ample, but 1, and a half hours is great, too. To be honest, even sacrificing something else you like to do, like reading a book, etc. It is well worth fitting it in.

So, I had done Rosemary Conley's videos for years, but find Davina Mcall's much more challenging, and suited to whole body work outs. They are not easy, but it is possible to trade the high impact moves for low impact moves, and then build up. High impact, is not recommended after 3 months of pregnancy, and the first 4 months post partum.

I actually feel great, and often play badminton with the children, and go for long walks. I find I don't tire quite so easily, and am building good muscle tone. Of course, muscle burns more calories than fat, so it is win win.

So, what is the point in keeping fit?
Well, it says in the Bible that bodily exercise profiteth little, and in proverbs 31, when describing the Proverbs woman, it quotes, ''She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.''
If you are like me, and useless at sewing etc, then there is no excuse for making ourselves ready for our tasks, unless we have an illness. Just about everyone can incorporate exercise in their routine. I always feel better for being fitter, and healthier too. I find if you are tired a lot, you can't really accomplish a lot. I am not so tired when I do exercise, and it really does help at THAT time of the month. Research has proven it, and I will testify to it.

Keeping Fit

Earlier on in the year, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to keep fit, lose weight, and stick to my guns. I often wax lyrical about keeping fit, and how it gives you so much energy. However, I was beginning to sound lame, for failing to keep at it consistently.
So, what's changed, have I lost weight, and am I still at it?
The answer is, yes!
I have learned loads of things along the way, which may be useful to others in the same boat, not to mention the 14 pound loss, and 5 inches from my waist, and 5 inches from my hips. I will explain how I have done it.
1) A normal breakfast, which is normally a bowl of cereal with full fat milk. (yes, you read that right, although at the end of the month I sometimes use almond milk, as I have found it helps my yeast issues.)
2) lunch is just 2 slices wholemeal, or rye bread. This will be cheese on toast, beans, fish, salad. Anything you would have in, or with it like soup.
3) Dinner is just whatever is cooking, plus a sensible sized pudding portion.
2 snacks allowed a day, one biscuit, and a piece of fruit. I sometimes need a couple slices of marmite on toast, but this is usually at certain more active times.
So, that is what I have been eating. I also home bake a lot, reducing sugar by 20% or more. No one misses it! Wholemeal whenever, and loads of variety. A typical menu may look like this:
Monday- beef casserole with lentils, served with roasts done in the actifry.
Tuesday- Home made veg pizza, served with cous cous, and wedges made in actifry, and side salad.
Wednesday- Lasagne, home made, served with actifry home made chips, and peas, and runner beans.
Thursday- beef stir fry made in thai style with stirfry veg, and noodles.
Friday- roast chicken, with roast potatoes, and 4 veg.
Saturday- stew, made from chicken stock, veg, and lentils.
Sunday- Shepherd's pie

Week 2
Monday- home made fish pie, with roasts in the actifry, and peas.
Tuesday- Chilli con carne. Home made, with basmati brown rice.
Wednesday- Pasta bake, with peppers, courgette, and tuna.
Thursday- Home made beef curry, with basmati brown rice.
Friday- lentil soup, home made, and served with fresh home made rolls.
Saturday- Quiche, with salad, and pasta.
Sunday- roast beef, and roast potatoes.
As you can see, I try and include different meals for at least a fortnight, as it keeps variety, and means you are benefitting from the different food groups. TO BE CONTINUED