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Saturday, 18 February 2012


A while ago, while reading the Above Rubies magazine, I read about Kefir. Actually, my mum had also heard about it some years back, and was keen to try it, also.
Anyway, I was able to obtain some kefir grains for just £2, so thought I would give it go.
Before I carry on, some may wonder, (like I did) what on earth is kefir?
Basically, it is a fermented milk drink, a bit like a runny yoghurt in consistency, tastes similar to yoghurt, but almost sparkling, with a very refreshing zing.
It dates back to the shepherds, of the Caucasus mountains, who carried milk in leather pouches, where it would ferment into fizzy sour yoghurt. It is basically like cauliflour pieces, and is a mix of yeasts and microflora. Not a harmful yeast, but beneficial, and especially good in treating fungal ailments.
Why drink it?
Well, it has great health giving properties, it has probiotics in it, and as I just mentioned, great for anyone suffering with thrush, or even a stomach ulcer.
Once you have obtained the grains, they keep going, and going and going.
It is so simple, just put the grains in a clean jar, add milk (about 300 ml to 2 TBS). Give it a shake, and then leave on the countertop for 12-24 hours. You will see the grains first float to the top, and then when it is ready, when you give it a little shake, you will find it has thickened. Then you need to strain it, with a plastic strainer, and drink! You repeat the process with the grains, over, and over again.
Just make sure you use a thoroughly cleansed jar each time!

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