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Friday, 25 May 2012

Walking With our children

Yep, I am talking about walkies now. Not just a mentoring walk, but as in the physical, getting up and going out for walks in the countryside. One of the best memories of my childhood, were the walks we had. Whenever we went on holiday we would seek out new walks, and at home, too. We have always loved to do this, but easier now I have older children too, and allterrain buggies! Just now is the perfect weather for walks. The evenings are long, the early mornings are light. Weather is good. You can learn so much about nature, too. We have seen foxes, rabbits, squirrels, kestrels, buzzards. We have picked wild apples, blackberries, sloes, elderberries. Watched animals birthing, animals playing, animals feeding. Seen the trees move through the seasons. It for us, is usually a peaceful time, too. A time to talk, with fewer distractions. A time to meditate on God's handiwork. A time for refreshing, and a time for exercise! These all have their place, and sometimes it is nice to just walk with one child, to look at a sunset, and share in their joys, and ideas. So many benefits, and exciting to explore new places too.
Even if we live in the city, there are still places to explore, parks gardens, or even the coast. It is often surprising how quick even the youngest are able to build up stamina/ Our 4 year old can easily walk 4 miles without getting too tired.

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