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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Book Review How to Accomplish twice as much in Half the Time

I recently discovered Don Aslett, thanks to a friend. I am wishing I had found this author earlier on, would of saved me time! Much of the best stuff, I already had figured by the time my 7th child arrived. My hubby gave me some great tips, too! Hmm, so what are the key things which I have learned? 1) Carry spares I have always had spare toilet paper, pet food, pencils etc....Living so far from shops, this has been a life saver. I also like to keep one of everything in key rooms; sellotape, pens, scissors. You will differ in what you need to keep at hand, but it saves plenty of time searching! 2) Work to standards, not schedules. Ditch the home school timetable, and just figure what needs to be done, and do it, and don't be discouraged if you think you haven't enough time to do something. start it, anyway! 3) Never measure your potential by what others are doing. 4) Doing is generally more restful than waiting, weighing, procrastinating....etc. What?!! I hear you say. Lol, that is what I thought, but he makes sense, doing is accomplishing, instead of worrying about doing! 5) Don't say you are having a bad day, don't be negative. Negativity breeds negativity, and pulls others down too. (As if we didn't already know, but need reminding;-) 6) People bond better when working together. Ha, so this is an excuse to get the kids involved, too! It really works, because I have done this. In general, I have found that when we have to do something, it helps if you can do stuff on the way. Take the other day for example, hubby had to visit the bank, and cos the car was parked by the sports shop, I popped in for the shuttlecocks we needed, and on the way out picked up a tesco direct order, some needed milk. Saved a few trips, as otherwise I would of had to made extra trips. Hubby had work to finish up then, so I just read some more of my book, while waiting, and menu planned. You really need to read this book, if you want to glean more idea. Happy reading;)

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