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Friday, 23 November 2012


Now, has to be the busiest time of the year. With Christmas speedily approaching, and by now we have really got into the swing of the new school year. With it can come all sorts of frustrations, some caused by the demands put upon us, and maybe the expectations we set ourselves. One thing is for sure though. We are fully reliant on God, and his providence. My fave verse, is, ''I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.''Phil 4:13 In order for us to do through Christ though, it requires a dependency, and a dependency that it isn't my clever foresight, or physical strength that has caused the success of a particular task, or project, but rather Christ who gives the wisdom, and ability. It is not how self confident I am, or how my children are, rather that is relying on our own strength. Part of that, is accepting that sometimes things don't always go to plan. We may plan to go to a place, or do something, but the Lord has other plans. We may be late, and miss something altogether, but also, God is in that. It is sooo easy to get frustrated, and part of that is often because our plans have had to be cancelled, illness, circumstance, etc, but if we remember the Lord is in it, and all things work for good, for them that love God, then that is part of our trusting him. Not shouting, and stamping, cos we haven't got our way, but trusting in God who is bigger and wiser than use. We will be more relaxed too!! I wish I had learned this lesson earlier, would of saved me a lot of stressing!! These days it is rare to hear someone saying, God willing, or DV (deo volente) However, if we are trusting God's plans, we should always consider this. Good to plan yes, to worry, no, but also to have the mind that if it doesn't go to plan, then there is a good reason why!!

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