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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Everyone Should Homeschool?

Interesting statement. This was the general summary of RC Sproul junior's book on homeschooling, which is called, 'When you rise up'.
To be honest, there are many things I agree with in this book. Without being legalistic, he argues that every parent should home educate. He argues it is a duty, as we are commanded to teach our children, and cites deuteronomy 6:7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.''
I have always been one for preferring a more informal approach to teaching my children the Bible. I think they can learn more from conversations, than ever by formal teaching using a catechism. The key here, is learning to apply the Bible in every day situations, rather than parrot fashioning stuff off, without even understanding it.
If we are blessed with children, then we have a responsibility toward them. They are not ours, but are on loan from the Lord. He has entrusted them to us, and I really think it is negligent of us to think lightly, when it comes to their education. Many will be thinking, Oh, I want the best education for my child. Doesn't everyone? However, we should be thinking more on the lines of what does God require of us?
In the book, RC argues we would never dream of sending our children to a Catholic, or muslim school. My thoughts exactly, but hey, who said education in state schools was neutral? It most definitely isn't. In fact, I was reading just recently, that Gove has banned teaching of creationism, and intelligent design from schools. This in effect stifles any debate, and pushes the secular humanist agenda. Also, the redefinition of marriage will mean more unsuitable materials are pushed in the name of equality. When we consider a school for our children, we should reflect on what sort of environment is it, and the first question must be, is it God honouring? If it isn't, how do we justify ourselves?
I am not totally against the idea of Christian schools. I am however, increasingly seeing problems within these. Sadly, many calling themselves Christian and most definitely are not reflecting that.
I have heard a million objections to home schooling. Here are a few....1) I am not qualified.
2) I would never have the time.
3) I don't have the patience.
4) I have to work.
I find these quite absurd, as we are talking about our precious children. No one is perfect, and I would say it would be the exception rather than the rule that a parent was incapable of home schooling. After all, many parents aid their children in speech development, and teach them to read.
So, I would encourage parents to think carefully, on what they are going to do with their child at school age. This can start as soon as the child is born. I don't believe it is something that should be taken lightly, and we should be very prayerful seeking the Lord. After all, many of us pray for guidance on much smaller things. Surely, our child's future is on the priority list?
Also, it is more important that our children are trained in the fear of the Lord, academic excellence should not be our goal. If i was to choose the two, it would be the former. The Lord did not say to train our children in academic excellence, or the ways of the world. Would we rather a fool, or a servant of the most High?

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