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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Yorkshire Coast- Part 2

At the holiday house....

Flamborough Lighthouse.
This is the one they built 200 years ago to replace the old one, which I believe was one of the oldest left. This new one was built with no scaffolding!! You can imagine smugglers in these areas, the rocks really are treacherous.

Angela on Flamborough Head


Going down into the cove below. 174 steps down, and then 174 up again from Flamborough bay!

Swaledale sheep on the North yorkshire Moors. They are very hardy sheep, so when the winters come in thick, and fast, they are able to manage.

Whose idea was it to take a detour?! We saw a sign saying, 'Ford frequently impassable' Hmm, I thought nothing of it until we reached the bottom in our 15 seater minibus....the point of no return........Wah!!!

There were two men leaning on the post on the other side, viewing our spectacular, in true Yorkshire style. One word, don't attempt this one, unless you have over a foot of ground clearance!!!
The is slow paced here..

A tiny bit of drizzle came down for a while, but soon cleared. Runswick Bay....if anyone has read Christie's old organ, and the follow on from that, it was set around this area. There were a lot of gospel outreaches to fishermen.

The fossil I found here


The first Roman signal station was found on Filey Brigg, which juts out from Filey.Ironically named Carr Naze, Carr being our surname. You can see from the end, that the Romans would of had a bird's eye view of all around.

A lovely hot day on the beach at Thornwick Bay.


  1. you're killing me.............

  2. Looks beautiful and interesting about Christie's Old Organ.

  3. Just reading back through some of your blogs & finding them very encouraging, down to earth & 'real' so thank you. This post in particular made me smile - I used to holiday as a child in Bridlington & my Grandad was the light house keeper at flamborough for some of that time. Lovely memories ☺️