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Friday, 26 June 2015

The Great Outdoors, and Health Benefits too

I think we spend far more time outdoors as home educators than we might usually. Sometimes the children like to take their lessons outside, too. However, I am talking more of the wider environment out there, such as woods, seashores, moors, etc. It is a great education for the children to be out in the environment, enjoying God's creation. In fact, I can often meditate on God when out walking in the country. It seems to lend itself to that. No car sounds, just wind rustles, and wildlife. Oh, not to mention wide open skies. Ever lay on your back as a child, and watch the clouds move? I still do!

Of course there is another major advantage to being out in woods and such, and that is the bacteria that we are exposed to. You see the adverts that tout ALL bacteria as being bad, so we need to nuke them? Not so, in fact we have become so hygiene conscious we are inviting problems to our children's health. Just look at the prevalence of asthma, and exzema. If anything, they should have been worse in the past, they are not, and research has shown children are not introduced to enough beneficial bacteria. So, what better way, than to get out there and let them explore and get their hands dirty! Ours love the woods, beaches, and moors. All the beneficial bacteria is helping build their immune systems the right way.Did you know that God has created bacteria to do amazing things? They can break down plastics, and certain pathogens, and pollutants. Plus a certain bacteria was found in the sea that was able to generate electricity, which may help in the future in sewage treatment plants.There is a reason for absolutely everything.

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