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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back to School?

Being as so many others are writing about their homeschooling, it prompted me. After all this is a homeschooling blog, right? Well, our whole life is incorporated, which is why I often write about those random things .
We have had a so so summer, with plenty of trips out, and lovely holiday in glorious weather. Due to the dismal weather of late, though we have been doing our book work. No new school year, just generally carrying on where we had left off. I don't think it is necessary to change a grade every September, but that is the beauty of homeschooling.
Mara, who is nearly five is starting more formal work, and loving it. Angela is seven, and also loving carrying on where she left off. The middle girls think I am a slave driver, but hey no, you cant please everyone! The older children are studying for exams, so have been studying all summer, anyway.
This week has been a bit of a fog for me, as I have been battling a UTI. Trying not to have to use antibiotics, and to be honest at times I felt really really bad, and struggled a lot. Despite that we have been able to continue. I think due to the fact that we do a lot of work in evenings, and we are really flexible. Plus I have been house bound, and no extra activities this week.
Why do we do the book work in the evening? Well, because we love to do other things in the day, and be able to go out and do other things, such as a trip to the park, shopping, visiting Granny, friends, or whatever. Often it is where a lot of the ' real ' learning takes place.
So, I guess every homeschooling is different. That is the real beauty. It is individualistic, and tailored to each family. Not horridly uniformity, where there is no wiggle room and the national curriculum is law.
Here is a lovely rainbow that came to our garden. In the midst of feeling unwell, and enjoying a family BBQ. A double rainbow reminding me of God's promise.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I don't think that I could manage book work in the evening so we tend to do the harder subjects in the morning, lighter subjects in the afternoon (that includes PE in the park playground!) and no real work in the evening. I guess that has changed for my son who is studying for exams who does do some work in the evenings. It is good to be able to do what works for our own families.

    1. Yes, it enables me to work with the youngest on their own in the day, as obviously we are at home a lot, too.