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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Mango Fool

Here is a lovely quick recipe to make in a blender, and can be done with fresh, frozen, or canned mago pulp.

Ingredients needed:
Serves 12
500 ml Greek yogurt
300 ml carton double cream
3 ripe mangos chopped, or half a can of mango pulp (Tesco Indian aisle), or a packet of frozen chopped mango. ( also Tesco)

Put the mango in blender, and then add double cream. Whizz till it slows, then add the yoghurt. If you use the normal mango you may have to add sugar to taste. I found it sweet enough with the mango pulp. Oh, and the mango pulp makes a great cheesecake topper, but two of mine don't like cheesecake, hence my deviation. All the children enjoy this, though.
It is a nice touch to add some mango to the top of it.

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