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Friday, 15 April 2016

Pasta Sauce Low Added Sugar Cheap Healthy Option

Following the war on sugar I noticed on the news they were highlighting pasta sauces,which are high in sugar. Now tomatoes have sugar, but the sauces have loads of added sugar. A few years ago I ditched these, and decided to make my own. Simpler than you think, and at least a third of the cost.
Just sub for a carton or two of passata, or chopped tomatoes then add herbs.
For pizza just a thin spreading of pasatta to make the tomato base.
For bolognaise add half a teaspoon of sugar, basil, garlic, and dash of lemon juice. Do the same for lasagne,and consequently the white sauce is easy peasy: just heat some milk,and in a jug add some cold milk and cornflour. When the milk is boiled combine the two and return to the heat gently stirring till thick. I like to add a little cheese and garlic.
For chilli exactly the same,except the spices will be garlic, chilli,and for extra tasty bite smoked paprika.
This will also cure your storage problem, as no more bulky jars!

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