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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why I am Voting Leave

Next week we have one of the best opportunities in decades to make a difference. I will be voting leave next week, and here's why:
1) Obviously being a Christian I have to approach this from a Christian, and biblical point of view. Now, the European Union are blatant about mocking the bible. Consider Revelation; 17:3

It is outside the European parliament.
They are very anti home education in many of the countries, and have even imprisoned parents. Parents have charge of children under God, not the State!
2) Countries like Turkey joining; this will leave us powerless to protect our own especially given their poor treatment of women.(Not to mention bordering with Isis!)
3) Paedophiles have filled places like Cornwall, due to the freedom of movement. Some even fear to let children out of their sight it is that prevalent. If we had control, then they would be sent back.
4) Jobs. Ever looked for jobs recently? My children have been, and tbh the situation is not as pretty as the government would care to admit. We need controlled immigration from all over the world,so we can take who we need.
5) We need autonomy over our economy and businesses. It is not right that companies are tempted out of UK by Euro grants. M&S, Dyson, Hoover...just to give three. Did the Euro save Tata? No!! In fact, it impeded Tata Steel. The council couldn't lower their rates to help them when times were tough.
6)Our freedom to make our own laws. Speaks for itself, really.
There are all those scaremongers who try to scare us. How could we possibly be any worse off than we are at this present time??? How can getting so little back for our money be more important that giving up our valuable autonomy? These are just a few reasons, but I am not writing a book!
Join me, and vote leave next Thursday.

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