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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Favourite Books of 2016

Always on the look out for new authors to read, and for the children to read. Quite disappointed at some of the secular book offerings, as they are in my opinion unreadable; having either way too much bad language, or just the general worldly themes, and acceptance of values that are completely alien to me! I like to be encouraged, entertained,educated or challenged in a book.
My favourite genre is suspense. Secular author I have discovered in the last year is Mary Higgins Clark. Her novels do not contain bad language, or unnecessary embellishments!

For Christian suspense I have been discovering more of Dee Henderson's books, but also other authors I hadn't read, such as Barbara Ellen Brink, Patricia Bradley, Dani Pettrey, and a new male author Creston Mapes.

For something a bit different; The James Rubart Trilogy. Hard to say where it fits, but definitely a message with the books, and an intriguing one at that. Definitely in the fantasy realm.

For humour, it has to be Gervase Phinn! I really enjoy the style of his writing, and humorous without resorting to the profane. I have been reading the School Inspector fiction series, and am on the last but one book.

Life stories: The Yorkshire Shepherdess, and The Vow, also The story of Martin Luther as told by Jim Cromarty.

Secular: Lesley Thomson's Detective's daughter books. Though, there is some language in, it is rare. I found the books rather different to what I had read, and definitely a twist. I guess you could say they fit in with Murder Mystery. I also rediscovered Agatha Christie's books, and will be reading more.

Devotional: Flavel on a variety of themes, John Mcarthur, and Spurgeon. I don't think you can ever tire of Spurgeon! Also, a must check this out is Francine River's new Earth Psalms Devotional- stunning pictures, and lots of ideas for reflection!

Feel Good and Seasonal: Debbie Macomber; fairly corny, but can be uplifting! Also, a nice Christmas one I enjoyed was A Miracle at Macy's by Hulsman.

Found a new horsey author for the girls this year; Mary Gervaise. The books are from the 1950's but colourful description with good use of language, and enjoyable story lines. Not easy to find stuff the girls like that actually isn't full of boyfriend's, and wordly themes!

Any book recommendations gladly taken. Please comment! This year I am doing the Virtual Theology Reading Challenge. I have to select a book from each section. Will post on what I have chosen, soon.


  1. Have your daughters read Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell? It is the story of an Australian wild horse. There is a series of books although I have only read the first.
    I like Gervaise Phinn's books, too, although occasional inaccuracies annoy me!
    Flavel is a helpful suggestion. Thank you I have just been given a selection from Samuel Rutherford's letters called The Loveliness of Christ. I've just dipped into it but it looks encouraging.

  2. Thankyou, had forgotten about that book. Will check it out.