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Friday, 17 March 2017

Feed Twelve for Under a Fiver (budget meal of the week)

Looking for budget meals? I think these meatballs from Waitrose offer exceptional value this week.

They are normally £3.40 a pack, but with the five for £7 offer, it works out only £1.40 each.

To feed Twelve, you will need two packs, or more, a large bottle of essential Waitrose pasatta(88p) onions, garlic, and some basil.
I fry them first until browned, then put in pot with the pasatta, onions, and spices and cook for fifteen minutes or so.
I served with wholemeal spaghetti. This is cheapest at the moment and Asda, or Morrison's.(2 for £1)
The meatballs are also available at Ocado.

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