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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Back to School?

Ok, so being perfectly honest here, and about to make a shocking revelation.........we haven't actually got that much done in the way of schoolwork this week. In fact absolutely nothing happened on Monday and Tuesday (yes, you did hear right). I am afraid life happens, and that is good, well I tell myself it is a learning opportunity. Tick lifeskills, tick PE, (they went cycling), Science, (new fridge delivered)and I am sure I can come up with more.....
Monday I had a new fridge, and you know how it is; the fridge has been there 11 years and all that jazz, plus the logistics of getting it out. Fun! Not....It really did start to resemble something out of the Laurel and Hardy film where they moved the piano.
I am also in the process of organising exams and have realised after filling out all the forms till after midnight that the essential documents I need have been sent off to get licences. Fail.
No one was really in the mood for book work, as they decided that Power Rangers was much more fun. Oh, and don't think of trying to answer two phones at once, it isn't good! It does not save time, just creates confusion.
Yesterday was better, we did get work done, and the teens did some work on grammar so I can evaluate where they are at, and what needs to be worked on.
In the midst of all this son 2 started his new job, which means really early starts. Son 1 starts a new job, but he gave me a headache trying to establish what size chest and arms etc. At one point he was absolutely convinced that he was a 30 inch chest; which of course would equal around age 10. It took me quite a bit of persuading, but it didn't help the tape measure stopped after a certain point. Daughter 1 can now drive herself, but it is complicated when three need to be North, South, and East at once. Short of cutting oneself in several pieces (my husband discovered as a child that it kills worms doing that) there is not always a solution.
So, as organised as I like to be (I always set my watch fast so I get places on time) I have to accept that I can't do everything. Ha, and I definitely can't do anything without acknowledging God first. I am not superhuman, but with God all things are possible.
On the positive side the men in white coats haven't got me yet, but there is no room for complacency. Ha ha.

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