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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Keeping Fit

Having 10 children, can be exhausting, especially when it comes to the everyday tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. I have always endeavoured to keep myself fit, to help with pregnancy, and the after stages of looking after young babies. Easier said than done, though! Before I was married, I was very active, in football teams, walking, running, you name it! It really does make you feel better though, if you at least try to keep fit.
Here are a few tips, to help you incorperate exercise into your day:
1) First, remember to warm up, as it is easy to overstretch muscles! Just start at the feet, and work up, slowly mobilising the joints.
2) Try to walk, rather than drive! I like to walk, or cycle to the post office, rather than have a lift, it is fun, and burns off calories!
3) Go for nature walks with the children, exploring new places.
4) Take the children to the park.
5) Try an exercise DVD. My faves are Rosemary Conley, and she has some great toning routines, too.
6) Try rounders, cricket, or football with the children. Easy for us, as we have a whole football teams worth.
Above all, don't forget to exercise the pelvic floor muscles!!You will thank me for it, trust me. Ah, almost forgot...trampolines are great, but keep it short and sweet to start off, or you will feel it.

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  1. Homeschool moms who never exercise feel sluggish and lack energy. Good for you for getting out there, even with 10 kids!