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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Keepers at Home part 2

Last time, I was writing about what the Bible talks about, being keepers at home. As home educators, I guess we are fulfilling that role, as the child's formal education takes part at home. I am talking about learning to read, and any bookwork, etc. Although, saying this, I have heard of many families, who have somehow been fooled into thinking that because their child/children, is not in school, then somehow they need to make up for that by taking them to a zillion clubs and activities. A word of caution here. If you find you are spending more time out on the road, to-ing and fro-ing for different activities, then you are doing too much, and your child won't thank you for it. I have heard children in this situation sigh, and say that they wished they were at home. Where is the purpose in that? Not only are you burning yourself out, but the children, too!! I am not saying don't engage in activities, just don't overdo it! We also can't be keepers at home if we spend most time away from it. Home is where the nurturing takes place, and it can be surprising how much they can learn just by being at home. So this aside, there are proven benefits of children of mothers who are keepers at home. They include lower crime levels, greater satisfaction, and generally well balanced individuals. I cannot understand society, in thinking it is healthy for a 10, 11, year old child to go home to an empty house. It is very disturbing for the child, and is generally what leads them into mischief. If we are keepers at home, then we will be there to guide, nurture, and encourage. Not chasing a high flying career, which sets us on a different track from our husbands. We may have a business, or work that occasionally takes us away from home, but we need to remember home is where not only our hearts, but our persons should be. Years ago, large estates, had gate houses, or lodges, and they were called keeper's lodges and were situated on the edge of a large rural estate. What was their purpose? Well, their purpose was to monitor those who passed through, and to make sure no one cut trees from the land, and poached their animals. If the keeper of the lodge did their job correctly, then if it happened, it would be immediately dealt with, but if the keeper wasn't there, then all manner of poaching etc could potentially go on. So, there are many who exclaim, but I don't desire to be a keeper at home, it is a dead end with no prospects, I am not using my potential! To put it blunt, this is the very place we can be that which God intended us to be, and if the world laughs, then tough! There is a lot of scope for creativity. We will be wanting to make sure there are meals on the table, clothes to wear, finances planned. We will want to order our homes, and add personal touches. Some of us are more creative here than others! We are there for when our husbands, and children need us. There to oversee what influences come into the home, and who comes into the home. I would think our children are more important than trees, and deer! We are able to practice hospitality too, and some may do this more than others. Again, a good experience for children to learn how to serve, and let's face it. We rather children willing to serve, rather than be served. Jesus came to serve, and our role as keepers at home, is that of a service role. It gives immense satisfaction to serve others. There can be no joy in being selfish, but serving others gives delight, and satisfaction, giving us a calling, and a usefulness in life. Those who feel useful are always those who are the most happier as individuals. I know ultimate happiness, and peace comes from God, but even more when we are serving our purpose.

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