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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Drying Washing

Some smart Alec will say, it is as easy as just putting in a drier. However, I loathe driers, and the electric bills they run up. I prefer to dry clothes naturally. Now if you don't have a drier, and you happen to have a dozen to wash for, it is a good idea to buy a washing machine with an 'A' rated spin. Believe me, it really does make a massive difference, as my towels come out almost dry.

There are a few things I have also learned along the way, to make my drying a bit quicker, and easier. I will list them, as follows:

1) If you are going to be hanging washing out in the morning, always do it the night before. It is a good idea to check the forecast, as if there is going to be wind, stuff will dry quicker, obviously. No point in stacking up 6 loads if there is rain forecast for the next day.
2) Always bring it in an hour before it gets dark. This stops the dew coming down, and making your washing as wet as it was in the morning! In summer, it doesn't apply so much.
3) If it is summer, and there is no rain forecast in the night, consider putting it out in the evening, and leaving it all night.
4) To save time,( and esp in the winter, or showery days) use those hanging sock baskets, with pegs attached. You can get them in the pound store, but i found for a couple pound more, the ones in Wilko are much more durable, and my wilko one has outlasted all the others. You can hang your smaller items on these, and then attach them to an airer in the house, when you bring them in. It makes it easier to just grab them in a rain shower, too.
5) An airer is an imperative. I don't have space for one of those which you hang from the ceiling. I just keep one large one in the hall. A heated airer is a good option, if you are struggling to get stuff dry, though running costs on the electric will apply.
6) We like fleece a lot in the winter, and one major plus, is they dry in no time at all! Forget the big thick jumpers, which take an age to dry, fleece is lightweight, and almost dry from the machine. The girls have fleece onesies, too.

Please feel free to add your tips, and what you do in the comments.


  1. Thank you-I'm not good at getting the washing in on time in the winter. I was reading, in My Naughty Little Sister (!), about the women putting washing out even in the snow. I've never tried this as I thought it wouldn't dry but it might be an interesting experiment.

  2. I have never found it to dry in the snow, unless there is a good sun. iT IS GOOD FOR YOUR DUVET INNERS, THO, AS IT KILLS THE DUST MITES, AND FRESHENS THEM UP.