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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Saving Money, and Shopping Around

Just when I thought I couldn't make any more savings, I started shopping at Aldis.............
I have to say, I hadn't been for about 8 years. I must say, I have been impressed, and will pick out a few of the things, which I believe offer real value, and savings.
As a rule, I observed that milk, and bread, were about the same as Tesco, and Morrison, pricewise. Quality was better than Tesco.
1) Grapes, pears, and mixed peppers-
These offered massive savings, and the grapes were only £1.50, according to Mysupermarket were half the price of Sainsbury, and beat Asda hands down.
2) Garlic bread-
At just 30p each, big value for a long baguette.
3) Free range chicken £5 for 1.5 kilos-
that is £3-£4 cheaper than elsewhere. A real saver, if like us you have to cook 2 at a time.
4) Cereals-
Huge range of granolas, cornflakes,micro oats with fruit, and shreddies. All at good quality, and around £1 each. Depending on where you buy, this is a saving of 50p-£1 per box.
5) Spices-
50p each, that is half the price of tesco, or sainsbury.
6) Chocolate-
We tested it, and as good as the leading brand. Just 69p for aero style, and others £1. They even do dark chocolate.
7) Red Meat-
just £2.29 for a pound of frozen aberdeen angus mince. £2.99 for 400g casserole steak. Very good value packs.
I will lastly mention the hot chocolate, at £1.09 for 400g. Twice the price of Asda smart price, and Tesco value.....but, we think it usurps cadburys in taste. Could it be the coconut?!
Anyway, I am sure there are lots of other savings. I have tried to list the most useful. We tried the battenburg, and the walnut cake after dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed. One of the girls was sad, cos she didn't get to have the, 'girly cake' I had offered 6 of both. Will have to buy more......


  1. Aldis is a great place to save on money. I always heard as well that none of their food has preservatives in it which actually makes it cheaper and healthier. I buy a lot of my frozen meats in quantities so don't shop for that there but they are great for greens and canned goods.

  2. Never forget the wisdom of saving even while shopping. Let's make money work for us and not us working for it!