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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year. How Can I do Better?

I am sure time travels superfast when you get older. It seems it is easier to waste time, too. You may think resolutions are meaningless, as they are there to break, right? Well, the answer to that, is they shouldn't. I am using the new year to see how we can improve. I am sure there is plenty that can be done better, and less time wasting.
So, I am going to share my goals for 2015:
1) I am going to spend less time on time wasting internet sites. I don't get notifications on my phone, or tablet, for the simple reason, when doing business tasks, and essential tasks it can be a big distraction, and before you know it, you have wasted time meant to be working!

2) I am going to work hard to make my home business more productive, and seek out new things.

3) I am going to spend more time with the children, actually ''playing'' with them.

4) I am going to create, and make new recipes, so I can increase my ever growing repertoire.

5) I am going to read more. I have currently set a goal at 40 books.

6) Devote time first to Bible study, so it comes first, and not third, or last.

7)Keep up my exercise regime,and healthy eating. Maybe looking into new ways to stay fit, and healthy.

Happy New Year!

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