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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In January, we visited Boston, on the South/East Lincolnshire coast. In case you don't know Boston is one of the places where the Pilgrim fathers sailed from. Why did they want to leave? Well, they saw England as more and more ungodly. They were persecuted from the Church of England, and became known as non conformists.

In 1607, a man to become known as Captain John Smith was born, in Willoughby, about 20 miles north east of Boston. He was the leading character, that founded Jamestown. Also, in 1607 a group of seperatists hired a Dutch vessel, to take them across the river Witham. Now, they were in one boat, and their wives in another, and the boat with the wives in became grounded, leading to their capture. They were however allowed to continue to Holland, and in 1620 boarded the Mayflower, and founded the Plymouth plantation.

By 1629, some 10,000 had left!

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