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Monday, 19 March 2012


Everyone who knows me, knows I am not arty. I haven't an arty bone in my body. So, what I do, is I encourage the children to express themselves, and find their own way. One way which has really encouraged them, is giving them cameras, and of course with digital photography it is really easy to edit and delete. So, when they are around 9, I buy them a camera for Christmas, and when they are about 10, or 11 they get a camcorder. The best camcorders are the tape ones, and sadly you can only get them second hand now. However, you can get a really good one for £50 on ebay.
You would be surprised how it really encourages their creativity, and they will do interesting things, in the name of taking an interesting photo.
Take this one for instance:
Yup, that's right, it really was the face on our cat at the time, and the children decided a caption would be perfect!

Then there is just the plain crazy!
They are learning so much, and are now making their own short films. Cherry the eldest, has been learning about blue screen, and editing for film. She even composes the music, and dubs over. Quite clever really, and when they have their film nights it is quite entertaining.

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