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Friday, 28 March 2014


Yesterday, we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We had a nice day, at M&S for lunch, a spot of shopping, and a meal later. The two eldest girls cooked the dinner for everyone else. I think they appreciate more what I do, now!
I was thrilled to pick up an opera arrangement book for piano. It was done in the 1960's, so quite old, they did some great arrangements in those days. I always love to have new pieces to play, and like to just pick it up and start straight away. I found it ironic, that as part of the collection, it included the Bridal Suite. Ironic, as it was played on our wedding day. I attempted it, but threw a few wrong notes. Oops! That is what marriage is about. You will always have the wrong notes, the moments of discord. Whenever I get it wrong while playing, I just pick up again from where I left off. That is exactly what we should be doing in marriage. Picking up where we left off, and apologising if required. No one is going to play all the notes perfectly, as none of us are perfect. Important to remember. It is very easy to expect extremely high standards from our spouses, while falling terribly short ourselves.

As The Lord expects us to walk in obedience to him, before we can expect any blessings, He also expects us to work at our marriages. Not an easy thing at times. Especially if you are like me, and hot headed, stubborn, and proud at times. Sometimes I have felt sooo frustrated, as men are wired different to us. However, it is about learning to complement these differences. A prefect fit? Maybe not, but as a little denying ourselves things to fit into that new skirt, or top, we also need to make sacrifices to make our marriages the best they can be. Of course fully relying on God in prayer first, too. Happy Anniversary!

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