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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Daily Devotions

I had a lovely flower diary given to me, which has an illustration on every weekly page. I thought it was too good to write my normal stuff in it, and then I had an idea. I thought it would make a great notebook to put the devotional quotes from my every day reading in.
You know when you read a great quote, and you think, hmmm, I must take a note of that? It also means that, when it is full, it will be great for a daily reading devotional, as there will be a quote for every day.
I guess you could do lots of other things, too, and give as a gift to someone. It could be personalised, or more journal type quotes.
Another thing I am doing, is noting down blessings, trying to think of one for every month. Another something to be thankful for, but not the trivial stuff, the more major things.

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