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Friday, 14 July 2017

My Money Saving Ideas this Week

This week the Clark's sale is good. I tend to buy Clark's as it is the only brand that withstands the miles my kids run, jump, and walk every week! I always top up in the sale, and with 60% off what's not to love?
Sales are good for anything really, and if with good planning a fortune can be saved.
My next tip may sound odd, but here's the deal; I buy at least one item every week for the children's stockings. That way it not only spreads the cost of Christmas, saves money, and saves the rush! I bought stuff from a closing down sale 75% off, and other sale stuff you won't see in winter. Poundland has different stock as well, so it ensures you have a large variety. Just don't put it away and forget, though! I did that one year. Now, I put away in shoe boxes, and put aside, as many of the items are small like notebooks, paints, pens etc

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