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Saturday, 8 July 2017

This Week's Food shop Money saving ideas

If you shop online for groceries, and you haven't already, then do register with mysupermarket. If you have a smartphone and don't shop online it can still save money. Mysupermmarket allows you to compare all the supermarkets, and other shops as well. One of the best ways of saving money on this is to check out the top offers, as I find even I miss stuff when I don't do this.You can also see what the same basket would cost at another supermarket.

Next is to set up alerts for your favourite brands, then they will tell you at what shop they are on offer in. That way I never pay full price for my brands. For me this might be cereal, certain coffee, tea, and frozen fish Another thing they offer is cashback if you buy certain items. So far I have claimed moved £100!

It will also give you ideas to save money on certain products, now sometimes it is totally crazy, as it will suggest silly swaps, but often the swaps have been invaluable and I would have missed them.

Oh, and finally.....if you are like us and used to buy Dolmio,
Uncle Ben's and various other tomato based sauces you may find it a huge money save to buy pasatta and packets of chopped tomatoes instead. With the appropriate seasoning; basil for bolognaise,and chilli for chilli you can make the same dishes while saving a lot of money AND added sugar. You would be horrified to know that the sauces in jars of contain several teaspoons of sugar per jar. Now I always keep loads in stock meaning I can make lasagne, bolognaise, meatballs, curry, and chilli easily. The white sauce on lasagne is made using milk heated and adding cold milk and cornflour to thicken.

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