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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Saving Money on Weekly Food Shop

Just a couple of ideas this week. I love trying to look for bargains, and look for new ways to save money.
I sent my daughter to Lidl to buy two free range chickens and two chocolate cakes- the cakes I wanted for our Sunday dinner treat. The cost was around £12, if she had gone to the Tesco next door it would have come to at least £19. That is a whopping £7 saving, and the chickens do us for two meals. Stew on the second day, and it enables you to use almost going to waste veg.
Another big saver I have is potatoes. If we bought washed potatoes from the supermarket it would cost us a fortune, and in this weather they go off! We buy potatoes by the 25kg sack from a local farm, and they cost around £6 each. Usually you would only get three 2kg bags for that at supermarket. That is a saving of around £16! As we go through a sack a month that is a £4 a week saving! Combine that with the chicken and cakes and I have saved £11 Save that every week for a year, and you are getting on for a £560 saving. That could buy a new fridge, or washing machine.
Granted, you can't always get farm potatoes, but when my farmer is out of stock I get it from the greengrocer. Just cos you don't see them doesn't mean he doesn't sell them.

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